Meet your new Pep Commissioners

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Meet your new Pep Commissioners

Reni De La Nuez - Features Editor, Photo courtesy of Rae Burnstine

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While all students can relate to the unparalleled elation that evades the gymnasium on rally days, few truly understand what it means to be on the center of the floor with the responsibility of keeping the energy high and the school spirit higher.  However, for pep commissioners Cameron Bassier and Rae Burnstine, this task is not one to fear, but one to embrace.

During their junior year, both Bassier and Burnstine were eager to obtain the title of pep commissioner. With their humorous personalities and upbeat attitudes, each of them were prepared to dedicate themselves to creating a positive environment for entire CHS student body. After a competitive application process, Bassier and Burnstine were elated to know they were partnered together to lead next years pep rallies.

“It is going to be like World War 3,” said Bassir. “It is going to be crazy. It is going to be a mosh pit, hopefully literally, definitely figuratively.”

With each other at their sides, both Bassir and Burnstine will make sure to entertain the crowd and make this year’s pep rallies the best that CHS has ever seen. However, the pep commissioners hope to initiate a wave of change. Through school spirit and kindness, they look forward to using pep rallies as an opportunity to encourage their classmates to increase their positivity and vibe with one another.

“I hope to make the student body excited,” said Burnstine. “ I want every student to feel comfortable dressing up on every spirit day and I want to make high school a more fun place to be.”

With students jumping up and down to the booming bass, shaking the bleachers and sparking a certain unity amongst students that can only be achieved by gathering everybody into the gym to express their school spirit, both Bassir and Burnstine look forward to tackling the great responsibility of being pep commissioners.

“Get hype,” said Bassir. “You are in good hands.

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