CHS students share their funny Uber experiences

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CHS students share their funny Uber experiences

Hannah Lederman - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

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Uber is a smart-phone application that allows consumers to submit a trip request, which is then routed to personal drivers to take the customer to his or her final destination. Uber is a rapidly growing app, and many students have experienced memories in those cars that are unforgettable.


“My Uber driver once brought his son along with him.” – junior Keyshawn Johnson


“One time my Uber driver told me how he drove Guy Fieri that same night.” – senior Claire Freiberg.


“My Uber driver told me how he was a house DJ and gave me his card for future events.” – junior Aaron Kurtzman


“My Uber driver told me he was an autodidact, which means he teaches himself everything, even how to drive.” – senior Camden Garcia.


“I once got a deadly case of the hiccups in an Uber driver’s car and deeply terrified him.” – senior Rachel Whitfield


“I once had an Uber driver who played ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls’ on repeat, six times.” – junior Noah Davis

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