Senior Esmeralda Louvat spends the summer in New York City interning at Ralph Lauren

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Senior Esmeralda Louvat spends the summer in New York City interning at Ralph Lauren

Molly Yumkas - Staff Writer, Photo by Dan Siman-Tov - Photographer

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Often considered fast-paced, intimidating and bustling, New York City is rarely thought of as an easy place for a high school student to complete an internship. Over the summer, senior Esmeralda Louvat had the opportunity to be the first high school student to intern at Ralph Lauren in New York and create her own magazine at the Fashion Institute. At a young age, Louvat developed an interest in fashion that has grown into a passion for the business aspect of the industry, which only grew upon entering the city.

“New York City is nothing like Los Angeles,” said Louvat. “You have to become tough and you have to act like you are important.”

Throughout her time in New York, Louvat would spend three hours in the morning taking classes at the Fashion Institute and the rest of the day interning at Ralph Lauren. Louvat had the opportunity to work with a variety of branches at Ralph Lauren, including the organization of money, reviewing of clothes and selling of merchandise. The information she learned gave her the confidence to follow this path of the fashion industry.

“At first I was scared to walk around such an important office, but by the end of the first week, I was so comfortable with the office and the people,” said Louvat. “It felt like I actually worked there.”

As she proved herself as dedicated and motivated, she got to visit the Inspiration Room, a place where designers have access to every design Ralph Lauren has ever created. Louvat even got a tour of Ralph Lauren’s personal floor and met the head of the sales department. She even got a preview of upcoming products to be in stores next year.

“His floor was what you would imagine a male, English manor to be,” said Louvat. “Very sophisticated and not office-like at all!”

Aside from the internship, she was also able to establish her own magazine called Fogue, fake Vogue, with the Fashion Institute in New York.

“I loved the design element to the magazine,” said Louvat. “It truly was such a fun project to work on and to see the finished product.”

After experiencing both an inspiring internship and incredible magazine opportunity, Louvat is confident that she will pursue her dream at New York University and hopefully receive another internship at Ralph Lauren.

“It was the best experience for me, learning all the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry,” said Louvat. “Especially in a place like Ralph Lauren.”

Carrying on with a passion for fashion, Louvat will surely make headlines some day, especially after her eye-opening summer experiences.

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