Junior Sabrina Bloch revives the Careers in Education class

Ashley Rubens - Staff Writer, Sabrina Stevens - Photographer

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When junior Sabrina Bloch was in second grade, a high school student volunteered in her classroom, assisting the teacher and students. Due to Bloch’s lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, she hoped to have a similar experience herself. The opportunity to volunteer in an elementary classroom was beloved by CHS students while it was offered. To Bloch’s dismay, Project Socrates was removed from the CHS curriculum years ago.

   “When I found out that the class was not offered any more I decided to bring it back,” said Bloch. “This class means a lot to me personally because it puts me one step closer to my dream of becoming a teacher.”

   Bloch has worked tirelessly with both principal CJ Foss and assistant principal Dr. Oleks to get the class reinstated for future students. Starting next year, the class will once again be offered at CHS. Careers in Education will most likely be offered as a fifth or sixth period class and will give hands on experience for future job opportunities. The class will help students explore possible teaching careers and may help open students to a new passion and future career working with kids.

   The first 10 weeks of this class will be purely informational. Afterward, students will be placed in different classrooms off campus, at schools such as Chaparral, where they will act as a teacher’s aid. In this role, students will assist the teacher, play with the students, grade papers and help with projects or assignments in the classroom. Through this experience, students will gain exposure to child development, classroom management, study skills and lesson and unit planning. They will also be introduced to district, state and federal education.

   Careers in Education is an active class that will give students a break from sitting in a classroom and help make a difference in the community. Not only will this class supply students with amazing experiences, but students also have the opportunity to impact their futures and the futures of the students they assist.

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Junior Sabrina Bloch revives the Careers in Education class