Junior Omer Fedi accomplishes big goals as a guitarist

Chris Gillhaus - Staff Writer, Landon Ferris - Photographer

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In a jam session at Machine Gun Kelly’s Los Angeles residence, a small group of musicians experiment and share ideas. In this room, each artist is equally as talented as one another. One of these musicians happens to go to CHS. Junior Omer Fedi is emerging as a successful session guitarist and has been working with a number of notable names in the music business. However, it is Fedi’s own music career that is starting to take off.

Fedi’s career as a session guitarist is taking off as he is being featured in an increasing number of demos with more famous artists. Fedi has played with some big names in music, including Machine Gun Kelly, Bibi Bourell, Ty Dolla Sign and most recently, Kelly Clarkson. Enjoying the time he gets to spend with these artists, Fedi does not let his confidence drop when in the presence of famous artists.

“I do not really think about whether or not they are famous,” said Fedi. “For me, it is  more like we are all just a group of artists trying to make good music together. Of course, when it is someone famous, the level of expectation does rise.”

As an experienced musician of over seven years, Fedi prefers to focus on the music rather than the company so as to avoid intimidation. In addition, he views himself as a peer of these artists, rather than being below them.

“The session with Machine Gun Kelly was awesome because it was at his home studio,” said Fedi. “We were all just hanging out together, and enjoying making music.”

The main reason Fedi fits in so well with a variety of artists is due to his wide range in taste. Fedi’s diverse influences allow him to play all kinds of music, but his favorites are rock, blues, R&B, hip hop and jazz.. He is influenced heavily by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Blake Mills, Kendrick Lamar and Stevie Wonder. From rap to rock to jazz, Fedi can adapt to and appreciate any artist of any style.

“I think my ability to fit in with so many types of artists comes from the fact that I listen to such a variety of music,” said Fedi.

Fedi has been playing guitar since elementary school. Although he never learned to play any other instruments, Fedi’s focus on guitar has really seemed to pay off. Middle school years are generally a time when young musicians experiment with different instruments and musical styles to find their real talent, but Fedi seems to have known since he was little that his true musical passion lied in guitar.

As of now, Fedi seems to be living his dream. While many young musicians dream of collaborating with such big names, Fedi is already doing so on a regular basis. Instead of eventually going solo, Fedi sees himself making a career as a session guitarist for the rest of his life. In upcoming releases from multiple popular artists, the background music may very well be coming from CHS’s own Omer Fedi.

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Junior Omer Fedi accomplishes big goals as a guitarist