Jacob Turobiner prepares to lead Calabasas High as ASB President for the 2017-2018 year


Ethan Shanfeld - News Editor, Ben Elkayam - Photographer

As the school year comes to a close and the senior class waves goodbye, a new leader prepares to rise. Despite being fairly new to the program, junior Jacob Turobiner, better known as “Turbo,” looks forward to serving as CHS’ ASB President. Turobiner joined ASB his junior year, contributing as part of the Community Outreach board, which put him in charge of collaborating with nonprofits. He decided only about a month ago to run for ASB’s highest position after realizing he was well-suited for the job.

“Over this past year as a member of ASB, I have developed many leadership and teamwork skills that make me fit for the position,” said Turobiner.

One of Turbo’s main goals as President is to bring more school spirit to CHS to create a more comfortable campus environment, in hopes of helping alleviate students’ stress. His initial focus will be to incorporate more activities and on-campus entertainment into ASB’s agenda to get more students participating in campus life. Turobiner will also work to fulfill his campaign promise: an improved parking pass lottery system and better conditions in the senior lot. This, he says, will be achieved with better communication between himself and the administration.

“I cannot wait to start off next year and truly bring change around campus,” said Turobiner.

According to Turbo, the campaign process taught him a lot about real-world politics. He had to learn to market himself by reaching out to as many potential voters as possible, while maintaining confidence amidst a murky election. His greatest tools were his clever campaign posters, which boasted the slogan “This is the first time I’ve run in three years; let’s make it worthwhile.”

“My goal was to make posters that brought out my personality and also my drive for this position,” said Turobiner. “I had to make many drafts and edits before I chose my final designs.”

The whole process has made the idea of running for office in the real world more desireable for Turobiner. He welcomes the possibility of pursuing upper-level politics, but fears the American system is too centered around political parties. Turobiner’s vision is to serve the people, not the party. Although this reality of politics in the United States is not reflective of ASB elections, Turbo’s overarching mission is to address the needs of the people, which in this case are students.

“I hope to represent the students of CHS with pride and the determination to truly make our school a better place for all students and faculty members,” said Turobiner. “I want people to voice their opinions and concerns so I can do my best job representing them.”

With a new cabinet, ASB prepares to take next year by storm. Freshman elections will be held shortly after the next school year begins, but as of now, Turbo and crew are ready to make change at CHS.