Junior Lexi Weakley presents “The End”

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Junior Alexis Weakley developed a love and passion for musical theater early on in her childhood. By the young age of 8, she was already performing in front of large crowds of people in multiple shows annually. Throughout her teenage years, Weakley has commonly been seen starring on stage in numerous Calabasas High School productions. Recently, she had extended her talents and taken on the task of writing, directing and producing her own musical. Her very first production— “The End”—comes to life on the the Calabasas High stage on May 20th and 21st.

“The End” shares the journey of six high school students who demonstrate the true struggles of teenagers in today’s society. The musical consists of seven cast members and three crew members who worked long hours several times a week to fulfill Weakley’s vision. Weakley wishes this play will show students who face obstacles throughout their teenage years that they are not alone. The most important thing is for teens to surround themselves with the people they love, and, eventually, it will all get better.

“The show portrays social issues facing our teens today, including questions about  sexuality, troubles at home, struggles of body image and feelings of social isolation,” said Weakley. “This powerful and moving story relays the search for strength in hard times and the importance of friendship.”

Weakley has put a tremendous amount of effort into her musical, writing over one hundred and thirty five songs and constructing the perfect script for the last three years.

“The hardest part of writing and directing my own piece has been executing everything I have imagined throughout the development as closely as possible,” said Weakley. “My goal is to get everything I pictured for this production during the writing process out on the stage.”

Weakley’s dedication and creativity while creating “The End” is very admirable, and every detail came from Weakley’s own vision. Creating a musical takes a great amount of work and is a huge time commitment, especially as a student. It is not everyday when a high school junior writes, directs and produces his or her own play. Weakley’s true passion for musical theater and her determination to reach her goals is inspiring to many students.