Senior Taylor Snyder brings her fashion sense to the public with Modern Vintage


Carmel Abramov - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Taylor Snyder

Senior Taylor Snyder, has recently launched her new website for her clothing line Modern Vintage. Influenced by her mother’s handbag company, Snyder was exposed to the fashion industry at a young age.

Last summer, Snyder began creating her own designs. With inspiration drawn from fashion icons on instagram and latest trends, Snyder’s designs capture what fashion means to her. Snyder begins the process by buying mens t-shirts, and flipping them into her own designs. She trims the shirts to fit the style she wants to create, and sews on new materials. With that as a template, Snyder creates strapless tops from fabric. When guys started requesting unisex clothing, Snyder began creating hoodies for both men and women. In the past, Snyder sold her clothes at a local store called Elle A, but she now sells her designs on her website,

Photographs of models wearing Modern Vintage taken by Aliey Melnick are up on Snyder’s website as lookbooks, which give ideas on how to style and create outfits from Snyder’s designs.

“I asked some of my friends who are models if they wanted to shoot. They were happy to help, so we shot the lookbook section on my website in one day,” said Snyder. “I was really happy with how all the pictures turned out.”

On her Instagram account, @shop.modernvintage, Snyder shares her designs and publicizes her website. By following her social media, her followers and customers are updated on her latest releases. She plans on continuing her line and adding new pieces to her collections. Snyder wants to pursue fashion in the future, hoping to major in design, or business in college.

“When I’m older I’d like to have my own store or bigger company of some sort,” said Snyder. “I’m really excited to continue to expand Modern Vintage and pursue my passion. I have so many ideas for new designs, and I can’t wait to share them with my followers.” •