Do-it-yourself presents that you can give to everyone this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t already found the perfect gift for your friends, or special someone, here are a few ideas that will help you give the perfect Valentine’s gift.

You will need:

  •   Two toothpicks
  •   Any brownie mix your heart desires (I prefer Ghirardelli with fudge)
  •   Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter
  •  Patterned Construction Paper (you can get a little crazy with the patterns)
1.     Prepare the delicious brownie batter
2.     Spread the yummy concoction out evenly on a rectangular pan
3.     Throw it in the oven usually for about 20 minutes.
4.     Once brownies are baked to completion, resist the urge to eat the whole pan and let them cool for 15 minutes.
5.     Use the lovable cookie cutter to create the shape of heart.
6.     Cut out the shape of an arrow, then cut out the shape of the bottom of an arrow
7.     Glue the top of the arrow to one toothpick, then glue the end of the arrow to the other toothpick.
8.     Stick the toothpicks into a different side of the heart to make it look like an arrow what shot through the heart (duh).
9.     Ta Da! Done!
You will need:
  •   Colored string for the bracelets
  •   Colored constructions paper for card
  •   Colored Markers
  •   Hole Puncher
1.     Pick out three colors for your friendship bracelet (make sure you use bright color, because no one likes a dull bracelet).
2.     Braid them and knot the end.
3.     Cut out a small card in whatever shape your heart desires.
4.     Write any sweet, witty note you want for your secret crush or for whoever else happens to make you smile.
5.     Hole Punch two holes next to each other at the top of the card.
6.     String the friendship bracelet through the holes and tie the two ends together.
7.     ENJOY!
You will need:
  •   Strawberry cake mix
  •  Vanilla frosting (can be homemade or from a grocery store)
  •   Sprinkles (any color of the rainbow you want)
  •   Sticks
  •   White, milk or Dark Chocolate (any way you like it)
1.     Bake the cake.
2.     Put the whole thing in a big bowl (Don’t worry this isn’t the final step).
3.     Whip out the frosting
4.     Mix the frosting into the cake in a round bowl to make a delicious paste.
5.     Now mold tiny balls of cake paste in shapes of hearts (with your own two hands, plastic gloves may be a smart idea).
6.     Stick the sticks into the top the cake heart.
7.     Warm up your chocolate.
8.     Dip the cake hearts into the chocolate and set them aside to cool.
9.     Instead of drooling over the cooling cake hearts you can spruce them up with sprinkle (feel free to get creative).
10. Once all cool, you can finally eat the delectable and save a few for some buddies.
You will need:
  •   Doilies (whatever cutesy rectangle or pattern you want)
  •   Glue pen or Glue (if you’re too lazy to go to Michael’s and pick up a glue pen)
1.     Fold two sides of the doily so that they touch each other.
2.     Fold one side of the doily up so that it makes a kind of square and glue it.
3.     Fold down the remaining top part to make an envelope!
4.     DONE! Now you can send a card to the one you love (yours truly) or that hottie in your spanish in an adorable envelope.