2013 Summer Flicks


Summertime has always meant a rise in box office sales with hits such as The Avengers and The Hangover as well as classics including The Amazing Spiderman and Jaws. Luckily, rumor has it that movies being released this upcoming summer are sure to follow in the footsteps of previous summer flicks.


The Wolverine

X-Men fans are excited to see Hugh Jackman step back into his role as the heroic Wolverine in The Wolverine. The movie picks up after the murder of Wolverine’s wife. Following her death, Wolverine moves to Japan to visit an old man whose life he saved a long time ago. This man wants to do more than just thank Wolverine; he wants to give him what he always wanted: mortality. Although fans may know that this offer is too good to be true, speculations have been made that Wolverine does gain his mortality back, even if for a short period of time. If these rumors are proven to be true, this will be an intriguing plot that will have everyone stunned at the thought of seeing Wolverine’s tough-guy façade crack, giving way to his vulnerability. Even though we are not completely sure of everything about this movie, there is one thing we know for sure about The Wolverine: the movie will be one of the most awaited superhero movies of the year. This prequel is a segway into the legendary X-Men series that is bound to have fans wanting more. Watch out DC Comics– you may have a new Superman movie coming out, but Marvel has one more superhero to add to the billion-dollar comic book and movie franchise, and his name is Wolverine. The Wolverine will be coming to theaters near you July 26, 2013. Tickets are available at www.fandango.com.



On Sept. 20 Chris Hemsworth ditches his hammer and cape get-up from Thor for a racecar in the movie Rush. This film is based on the true story about two rival racecar drivers: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Hunt and Lauda are both competitive racers who fight for the fame, money and glory of being recognized as one of the most elite racecar drivers in the world. This inspiring movie highlights the lives and competitions of the two most famous racecar drivers of the 1970s who both put everything on the line in order to go home with the esteemed title of being the fastest racer of the racing season. However, the story’s meaning goes much deeper than just racing. Messages from the movie portray self-redemption and rising above the set limits. If you are still not convinced to see Rush in theaters, just remember that Hemsworth will still be as dashing as ever, even if he is sporting a new look of a world-renowned racecar champion. This movie will be sure to have you rushing to the nearest theater. Tickets are available for purchase at www.fandango.com.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

There is no better way to kick off the summer than with an action-packed film that gets your adrenaline pumping. After its two-year hiatus, Percy Jackson comes back on Aug. 7 with an even greater task that will truly put his skills to the test. In this epic sequel to the Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief, Percy and his friends are yet again thrown into a death-defying mission to save the day. Percy is determined to protect Camp Half-Blood from threatening evil characters by obtaining the sacred Golden Fleece from the Bermuda Triangle. New characters will be introduced, including the camp’s best warrior and Percy’s nemeses, Clarice. Also, with new, magical forms of transportation, like the enchanted New York taxicab, this mission is sure to be unlike anything Percy and his friends have ever faced. You have the opportunity to join Percy and his friends on the adventure of a lifetime that will have you hooked. Tickets are available at www.fandango.com.