Fashion Flashback


Fashion is more than its definition as a style; rather than repeating trends, we modernize them to fit today’s fashion.  We can learn a lot about our culture by looking at current fashion trends such as the relationships of consumer tastes, social habits and eras in history.  Connecting the reasons behind certain fashion trends allows us to relate fashion to pop culture.

Looking at women’s fashion, fashion styles from previous eras are constantly being repeated.  Women in America have been copying the fashion from past eras for almost as long as there have been materials to make clothes.  Everywhere you look there are echoes of fashion’s history such as high-waisted shorts and high crew socks.  Styles from the sixties, seventies and eighties make up a majority of what is currently in style today.  The denim miniskirts, thick belts, quarter-sleeved shirts and off-the-shoulder tops that can now be found in every teen-targeted store in America are inspired from the eighties.

Boots and cable-knit sweaters are other examples of present-day shoppers borrowing fashion statements from the past. These items were originally worn in the 60s and are gaining popularity once again. Anyone can see that women are repeating fashion trends from previous eras; the question is, why? Well, we know that a seemingly endless and inevitable cycle of repeating fashion trends is partially to blame.

However, there are a few additional factors that can explain what has brought fashion to where it is today. These factors include the taste of well-known designers, the influence that media has on the fashion industry and the consumers’ desires.  If you take a closer look at fashion, trends are always changing, but older styles that have been popular in the past are only being modified to fit today’s look.