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Woody Allen Quiz


Caution: Only Woody Allen fans will be able to decode the jokes and references in this quiz. Beware of the occasional dry humor.


What is your dream place to live and why?

A) Paris, France, because that is where all the amazing expatriates once wrote

B) Rome, Italy, because that is where you can find true love

C) The Future, because that is where robots can do all your homework for you

D) California, because that is where “you can make a right turn on red”


Your best friend is…

A) A good book

B) The shower

C) Your robot

D) A dead shark


Your favorite artist/writer is…

A) Ernest Hemingway

B) That one opera singer who sings in the shower

C) There is no art in the future?

D) Sylvia Plath


Your favorite form of exercise is…

A) Walking around at night

B) Running from the paparazzi

C) Hiding from an oppressive government

D) Walking to the curb from the car


What is your favorite food?

A) Snails

B) Pasta

C) Dehydrated ice-cream

D) Lobster and ham


What is your most enjoyable mode of transportation?

A) A 1930’s car

B) A portable shower

C) A propeller chair

D) A car despite bad traffic


What is your favorite holiday?

A) Bastille Day

B) Any holiday that will allow me to make pasta

C) Any holiday that will allow me to sleep in

D) Easter


Mostly A’s: Midnight In Paris

You are A Midnight In Paris! You are a hopeless romantic who spends too much time walking around in the rain or at night. You can be a bit obsessive about literature, but all is well when you are obsessing over Ernest Hemingway or Gertrude Stein. Despite anyone telling you that your head is in the clouds, keep your love for literature roaring!


Mostly B’s: To Rome With Love

You are To Rome With Love! You are probably obsessed with food and your best friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend! You secretly might even be a wonderful singer in your shower. Perhaps try to see where your singing career can get you. Take a couple of cooking classes and listen to Alec Baldwin when he gives you advice. Trust me, Alec Baldwin knows what he is doing.


Mostly C’s: Sleeper

You are Sleeper! You are probably a vigilante who loves rebelling against anything you feel has a negative impact! You are obsessed with gadgets and the future. Try not to get caught by the government chasing you, avoid robots and learn how to run quickly as to escape both those things. Keep your fascination with science and progress going, except when you get to the future. Try to blend in once you get to the future. I repeat, try to blend in once you get to the future.


Mostly D’s: Annie Hall

You are Annie Hall! You can be a bit pretentious when you discuss aspects like art, but Grammie Hall would love you. You love New York, and you are not much of a fan of California. You have a bit of an internal dialogue but so does your future significant other! Keep your eyes peeled for someone who has as much nervousness and self-loathing as yourself.

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  • D

    Dany HathawaySep 21, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Such a refreshing quiz to take! I loved the ingenuity of the topic!