Check out the latest spring fashion trends set by these fashion fanatics: Samantha Levy


Samantha Levy: 
Boxy, Cropped Jackets

As freshman Samantha Levy struts down the H-building hall, people stare and jaws drop.  Whether she is wearing high waisted shorts and a crop top or a sundress, Levy never fails to make a fashion statement.  This spring, she is sporting a boxy, cropped silhouette jacket with a salmon colored top. Her jacket can easily be paired with a body-con dress, office-ready skirt, tailored trousers or even your go-to jeans. Levy charms others with her simple yet graceful style.

Q: How does fashion inspire you?
A: Fashion inspires me because it lets you express who you are.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?
A: My father is a clothing manufacturer, and I love to look at the story boards which shows the next seasons trends.

Q: How do you feel about this season’s trends?
A: This years spring trend is all about color and I love the concept.

Q: What are your favorite stores for spring styles?
A: My favorite stores for Spring styles are Elyse Walker in Pacific Palisades and Barneys New York.