Historic dates in Calabasas


Mano Baghjajian - Staff Writer, '16

This year, Calabasas turns 25. Many people know what goes on in this city, but the history of Calabasas is not as well known. The recorded history of Calabasas dates back to even before the United States was a country. The story of Calabasas is an interesting one and is a story that its residents should know.

·1776 – The De Anza explorers are the first to settle the area.

·1795 – The name “Calabasas” first appears in San Fernando Mission records.

·1880 – Miguel Leonis and his wife Ispiritu settle the land.

·1963 – Walter Beachy buys land to help preserve Calabasas “Old Town.”

·1991- The citizenry vote, by a margin of nine to one, creates the new City of Calabasas, with

Charles Cate named as the first city manager.

·1998 – The renovated Old Town Calabasas is opened to the public, as well as the grand

openings of the Calabasas Library and the Calabasas Commons.

·2003 – Tony Corroalles replaces Cate as Calabasas City Manager.

·2006 – The Second Hand Smoke Ordinance takes effect, banning smoking in all public places in

the City of Calabasas and making Calabasas one of the first cities to be smoke free.

·2006 – The Kardashians make their first business venture by opening their fashion boutique,

Dash, in Calabasas.

·2008 – The Calabasas Civic Center opens, featuring a new City Hall and Library.

·2011 – The city council voted to regulate the use of plastic bags and recyclable paper bags, and

began to promote reusable bags in Calabasas.

·2012 – Drake moves to Calabasas.

·2013 – Justin Bieber is kicked out of Calabasas after many complaints from residents.

·2016 – The City of Calabasas celebrates its 25th anniversary.