Best Halloween Costumes for 2019

Alexa Lipman, Staff Member

Halloween costumes are not just for kids. Costumes for teens are becoming increasingly popular. Although picking out a Halloween costume can be a challenge, there are a multitude of categories to consider, including everything from movie stars, to real life sports players. Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up and channel that inner creativity.
Sports Costume Ideas
A traditional Halloween costume category for teens is athletics. For those sports fanatics out there, sport players prove a quick and easy costume for any Halloween party. Pull out a home team jersey, apply some eye black and whip out an extra accessories like a Nike sweatband. Chances are, both girls and boys own the components for a great boxer cos

tume. Grab a sports bra, sport shorts, a robe and a pair of Everlast gloves to prove the role! Sports related costumes are simple, inexpensive and easily accessible.
Character Costume Ideas
Another quick and easy Halloween costume category is mimicking fiction characters. Take the opportunity to be the current favorite Netflix character or 1970’s movie character. One can imitate a pink lady from Grease with a black tee shirt, black pants, boots, fun sunglasses and of course a pink jacket! Turn a Riverdale cheerleader into a 2019 Halloween costume trend. A Riverdale Cheerleader is easy to mimic with a white pleated skirt and a yellow windbreaker. Another fiction based costumed is an alien. Buy some cheap holographic clothes and some sparkly antenne.
Occupation Costume Ideas
In today’s society teens spend so much time dreaming of their future career, why not become the stereotype for this future goal? Imbody a lifeguard by putting on a swimsuit, floaties and sunblock. Or, consider a world class chef by putting on a white apron and a culinary hat. Throw on a neon vest and an all black outfit to become a security guard. To become a cop, create an LAPD badge and purchase a walktalkie. Dress up as a firefighter with just a firefighter hat and a red outfit. Mimicking a stereotypical job is an easy and cheap option. These costumes can be assembled from everyday outfits.
There are no limits to the creativity and originality of 2019 Halloween costumes. With some innovative thinking, mixing and matching one will have a costume ready in no time. No matter the age, Halloween is for everyone and and so are the costumes that go along with this holiday!