Alternative lunch options worth the tardy


Live Dufine

As soon as 12:24 hits, juniors and seniors alike rush to their cars with one common goal: to fill their stomachs and getback before the second bell rings. By taking the opportunity to go off campus for lunch, students are able to take a short break from their studies and grab a quick meal with their friends.

Although highlights of the “El Co Shop”:

Bristol Farms, Tonino’s and East Coast are common classics, they are considered a cliche when a student reaches their senior year. Certain places seem to lose their appeal after the thrill of parking on Valmar has vanished. All things considered, restaurants in the El Camino Shopping Center as well as Gelsons and Corner Bakery are safe bets considering the mere 40 minutes students are allotted for their lunch break.

To mix it up, an alternative to the traditional quick bite is Chipotle. By ordering through their convenient mobile app before the clock strikes , students can ensure that their burrito cravings will be satisfied, allowing them to enjoy their fifth period. Although it may be a tad risky, if one properly prepares for their lunchtime venture, they will be rewarded with the sweet taste of customizable mexican food.

Likewise, another unexpected off-campus option is Ubatuba Acai X. The adored “Uba” offers a “Subway” style layout to complete their sweet Acai bowls, allowing patrons and high school students alike to retrieve their lunchtime creations in a speedy manner. Also, because of its placement near Mulholland Dr, students can return back to campus and remain punctual for their sixth period class.

“Uba is such an underrated off-campus option,” said senior Bella Echols. “It’s close enough where I can enjoy my bowl there while still being on time for fifth!”

On the contrary, if one wishes to play it safe regarding their midday meal, a delicious new option is Tel Aviv Grill. With its fortunate placement in the middle of the El Camino Shopping Center, students can count on being on time for their next class. With a similar layout to Chipotle and Ubatuba Acai X, the “subway” style of ordering proves timely at Tel Aviv. Not to mention the promise of decadent Israeli food, as Tel Aviv provides a hearty plate for every consumer.

“Tel Aviv can be a little pricey for an off campus lunch,” said senior Guy Rushinek. “However, it’s worth it as Tel Aviv offers the best Israeli food in the Valley.”

      All in all, going off-campus at lunch allows students to take a break from their academics and focus on satisfying their hunger. Certain traditional options in close quarters of Calabasas High School have lost their shine for some students, so new options tend to be refreshing and platable as the year goes on. For juniors and seniors, the phrase “one must risk it for the biscuit” holds true regarding untraditional off-campus lunch options! •