Valentine’s Day Candy Do’s and Don’ts

Although Valentine’s Day traditions have evolved over the years, gift giving and card writing are the main staples. However, gifting candy stands out as the most stereotypical Valentine’s gift. When it comes to candy gifting, some candies should be given while others should not be.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has always been a number one choice when shopping for the perfect candy, because the sweet has everything in order to provide satisfaction. As a chocolate layered cup packed with creamy rich peanut butter, Reese’s ensures an “out of this world” night between one and their significant other.

A second candy that also would be on the “do” list for buying Valentine’s Day sweets is the Classic Red Heart from See’s Candy. Although this may be seen as a classic and predictable choice, nothing beats the delectable taste of 12 different milk chocolates, each different and unique. Purchasing these two options will provide an amazing date and set the bar high for the future!

With every mouth watering dessert comes a totally unacceptable candy that is often given as a “last minute” gift. These candies would be put on the “don’t” list when shopping for Valentine’s Day. An example of this would include any dark chocolate candy that is filled with a fruit jelly, specifically, Cella’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jellies. Some people may believe that the fruit filling cancels out the fact that they are eating chocolate to begin with, but that is no excuse to purchase these desserts. In fact, since chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple, its immaculate flavor should not be cancelled out. Many people even say that gifting these chocolates to their significant other has resulted in a breakup. •