How to make the perfect Halloween: COVID style

Heather McKay, Staff Writer

October is finally here, and ideas of the spooky season and Halloween is exciting for many. Although maintaining safety precautions during COVID is beyond necessary, there are many ways to create a thrilling, and safe, Halloween experience this year. 

Watch a Scary Movie

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect movie to get in the Halloween mood without having a great scare. This is a lighthearted film that ties in the contrasts to both Halloween and Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a staple to wrap up October and welcome the winter holidays. Additionally, another film to watch this Halloween is Halloween Town. The movie is an older Disney film, consisting of a family of witches, who run into an evil force and attempt to save their town, known as Halloween Town. Both movies create a captivating adventure to watch with all age groups in the comfort of one’s home with family and friends.

Creative Pumpkin Carving

A creative and classic activity to enhance Halloween spirit is customizing a Jack-O-Lantern. Pumpkin carving is an easy activity to be done while social distancing, while still getting to be innovative.  Whether carving a creepy face or a clever Halloween design, this project allows people of all ages to get out of their comfort zone and be creative. Assembling a Jack-O-Lantern is not only enjoyable, but can also make the perfect Halloween decoration to be displayed either outdoors or in a home. 

DIY Mask Crafts

Lastly, a Halloween craft that can be made at home is a DIY Halloween mask. Masks are a daily necessity in today’s society, and are also a safe and stylish way to celebrate Halloween. There are numerous websites and stores such as Amazon and Walmart, that have blank face masks that may be purchased and uniquely designed. The face masks can be personalized or decorated in any desirable way, whether hand-painting or doing an iron-on transfer design. 

Although this holiday may be different this year, keeping up Halloween spirit is still very much possible.