Quarantine reinventing fashion trends


Noa Benshabat

Fashion and trends have always played a big part in how people define and express themselves. Even though quarantine has forced us all to stay home with nothing to dress up for, many people have used this time to get out of their comfort zone and keep fashion a main priority.

Over the past few months, tie dye has become more popular than ever. From masks to matching sweat sets, tie dye items went from a household arts and crafts project, to a trendy clothing item. This was a popular trend from the late 60s and early 70s, starting with the hippie movement as a way to express creativity and move away from the typical styles. Tie dye has made its mark on the fashion world and continues to be revamped and evolved throughout time. 

With the majority of clothing stores being closed, many people turned to thrifting as a way to get their retail therapy. Thrifted items, usually vintage clothes, have started to become a new way of styling. Not only are people attracted to thrifted clothes because of its unique look, but also because of its sustainability and low prices. Influencers on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have promoted this way of shopping and showed their way of upcycling their vintage items. Some Tik Tokers even began making tutorials on how they made an old silk scarf into a stylish wrap top.

Following the rise in fashion trends from Tik Tok, mini shoulder bags and purses started popping up in mainstream fashion. Mini bags have become the perfect minimalistic accessory and a fashion staple with almost any outfit. While mini bags found their way into many peoples’ closets over the past few months, pleated tennis skirts have also become a wardrobe necessity. Found on and off the court, tennis skirts have gained a lot of attention, many outfits inspired by 90s looks like those from Clueless

During this time where there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, fashion still remains in the spotlight.