Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Singles


Hayley Schneider, Staff Writer

Even though Valentine’s Day is a holiday often spent with a significant other, Valentine’s Day is also a day for singles to enjoy themselves as well. Here, some gifts for the singles that still want to bask in the festivities.


Flower Bouquet

One can never go wrong with the perfect gift of classic flowers. Venus et Fleur has a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes of bouquets to choose from, so these flowers are sure to add a touch of love, whether for a self-gift or decor, on Valentine’s Day.; starting at $44.

Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha 

This new beauty tool has numerous skin and relaxation benefits. Singles can enjoy a pampering and self care night while using this Rose Quartz heart.; $58

A journal 

There is no better way to self reflect and reset the mind than with the Do it For Yourself motivational journal. With prompts to spark focus and mindfulness, this journal is a great gift for people who like to put themselves before others.; $15.99

V-day mini puzzle 

Whether with friends, or spending the night alone, sitting down without technology and completing a Valentine’s Day-themed puzzle is a perfect activity. This adorable mini puzzle of a box of delicious chocolates is sure to bring relaxation for a night in.; $9.95.

A cozy blanket 

A comfy blanket is an essential for getting cozy onValentine’s Day. From watching a movie on the couch, to staying warm while enjoying the sunset, or even picnicking with friends, the Bliss Plush Throw is the ultimate addition to an enjoyable holiday.; $39.50.

Valentine’s Day candy

Sugarfina never fails when it comes to creatively satisfying one’s sweet tooth on any occasion. The Love Letters Candy Tasting Box comes with 16 V-day themed mini testers makes for a night filled with lots of well-deserved snacking.; $34.00.