Rex Orange County makes comeback with album, ‘Who Cares?’

On March 11, Alex O’Connor, known professionally as Rex Orange County, released his fourth studio album titled Who Cares?. O’Connor has skyrocketed on the music charts, with Who Cares? being the thirteenth most played album on Apple Music since its release. 

Rex released his first album when he was only 17 years old as an unsigned artist. His early music caught the attention of singer, Tyler, The Creator, who added Rex to his album in production, Flower Boy. Who Cares? has one and only feature, which is Tyler, coming full circle. 

After not feeling confident with himself and his abilities as a musician, Rex released new music and has gotten back into the studio, rediscovering his passion of creating. O’Connor was “just able to fall in love with music again,” he explained in an interview with Apple Music

Rex’s new album begins with an upbeat song, called “Keep it Up”, featuring beautiful vocals and a smooth rhythm. The self-written lyrics convey the importance of continuing to fight each battle and prides those who have or are currently going through a rough period in their life. “Keep it Up” has helped spread positivity as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and continues to remind its fans that anything is possible, inspiring many to smile and persevere through their challenges. 

Rex Orange County has gained a loyal fan base through his music; his previous songs have reached over 300 million streams on Spotify alone. Fans were heart-broken when Rex announced his breakup with his previous girlfriend, Thea Morgan-Murrell, leaving some questioning why they broke up. Many believe that Rex used their breakup as inspiration while writing and producing Who Cares?.

In an Interview with Vulture, Rex explains the overall takeaway of his new album. He explains that he wants people to know that it is okay to be nice to yourself and love how you are. His message to himself was that it is his time to be free and not concern himself with what other people think. “We only have one life to live, so just be yourself and see how that goes,” said Orange County. This hit record will be followed  by a world-wide tour, beginning in May of 2022 in Miami and concluding with gigs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.