Riley’s Guide: De-stressing during college apps

As summer winds down, seniors begin the long journey of college applications. As other commitments and extracurriculars arise with the return to school, the Courier shares some tips on how to destress during a stress-filled year.


1. Keep up a healthy lifestyle

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, staying active, maintaining healthy eating habits and getting adequate sleep are crucial to stress management. Eat what feels good for the body, particularly unprocessed foods, and whether it is going on walks, participating in a sport or completing a yoga practice, find a way to move around and take the mind off of applications. Even if exercise is not personally enjoyable, going outside can be a major mood booster after hours of writing college essays; take advantage of nature! There are no downsides to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so make the commitment, whatever that means to each student. 


2. Manage time and avoid procrastination

Some seniors are applying to up to 20 schools, so it is important to manage one’s time and keep a list of the tasks to be completed each day. A running to-do list is beneficial; create one for the short term and one with longer-term goals to maintain priorities. In addition, time management is a great skill to develop before venturing off to college, which will entail an even more rigorous schedule. 


“I’m always on top of my work,” said Rimona Reyter, a CHS senior. “Every day after school, I review all of my assignments from school that day and do them in order of their importance. That way, I have time to be with my family in the evenings and even watch some TV before bed.”


Applications only become stressful if they begin to pile up, so stay on top of it! 


3. Have fun!

It is officially senior year! In the midst of applying to universities, do not forget to enjoy the time left at home. There are so many senior activities to keep an eye out for, such as football games, dances and graduation trips. Balancing one’s workload with fun is a necessary part of this year; pencil free time into schedules! Applying to college does not have to be quite so stressful if time is devoted to decompressing.