Maya’s Music: September releases


Maya Katz

September has brought new trends in fashion and media, but mostly in music. Ranging from singles to albums, there is no lack of new tracks for all types of listeners. 


“Hold The Girl” – Rina Sawayama

Released Sept. 16, Sawayama’s second album pivots away from her debut album’s critique of capitalism. Instead, “Hold the Girl” showcases the artist’s soulfulness and ability to tell a story. The album is intended to heal her inner child and help other queer people who struggle with complicated upbringings, according to Pitchfork. Although the songs portray deep, emotional stories, they push into the hyper-pop genre and motivate the listener to want to get up and dance. This album is worth listening to with a critic score of eighty-two from Album of the Year.  


“Summer Mixtape” – The Driver Era 

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch released their third studio album to play as a soundtrack for the fading days of summer. Although the band has been together for a number of years, they have recently gained popularity through viral TikTok videos of the pair performing live. Ross told People Magazine that his striking stage presence was not intentional but truly a fluke of the show. The duo encourage listeners to take something deeper from their music.


“[The album is] basically about choosing to think highly of yourself, because the world is what you make of it,” said Ross in an interview with People


Although summer is now over, this album is timeless and will remain throughout the year. 



Trending on Tik Tok for her infectious attitude, ROSALIA took the world by storm with her creative take on performing. She released her album “MOTOMAMI” in March and re-released the deluxe version this month with all of the fan-favorite songs remixed. The new additions to the album include “Candy,” featuring Chencho Corleone, a live version of “La Fama” and her latest single, “Despechá.” This album explores the contrast between the perks and loneliness of her growing fame. ROSALIA’s movement up the charts has provided the audience with incredible content and entertainment. This album is highly diverse in its sound and pairs perfectly with her stellar live performance.  


“The Hardest Part” – Noah Cyrus 

After much anticipation, Noah Cyrus released her debut album, three months after its intended release date. The ten songs on this album explore Cyrus’s experience with love, substance abuse and recovery. The album moves from folk to rock to pop seamlessly, creating a unique listening experience. 


“I found myself and my sound in this album, and really, it was just going back home metaphorically,” said Cyrus in an interview with Forbes Magazine.


This album proves that Noah Cyrus is separate from the fame of her family. Although her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and sister, Miley Cyrus, influence her sound, Noah is a unique artist in her own right, and this album is a must listen.  


“I’m In Love With You” – The 1975

The 1975 opened September with a new single and a music video featuring rising star Phoebe Bridgers. This single is part of their upcoming album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language. The album will be released in October and will have eleven tracks. Many fans are overjoyed at the notion of having a new The 1975 album to gush over during the fall season, and the song and the video are a promising tease!