National Inner Beauty Day: 7 ways to practice self-love

Today, Oct. 7, is National Inner Beauty Day. First introduced in 2017, this day is meant to celebrate inner beauty rather than outward appearance and spread positivity. In light of the holiday, the Courier shares seven easy ways to practice self-love and embrace one’s inner beauty. 


1. Speak to yourself as if speaking to a friend

It is extremely easy to fall into a pattern of negative self-talk in today’s culture. When beginning to speak down to yourself, stop and think, would I say this to a friend? If the answer is no, then do not say it inwardly either! The easiest way to love oneself is to speak kindly, both in thought and out loud. 


2. Celebrate anything and everything

Often, the hardships in life can make it feel as though it is impossible to get a win, but there are many things to celebrate on a daily basis. The most obvious is the opportunity to live another day on this precious earth; although this does not make it necessary to throw a party, remember to be grateful. Smaller achievements like passing a test, finishing an essay and venturing outside can and should be rewarded. Sometimes all that is needed is a little celebration to provide an energy boost for the day. 


3. Pursue a talent

Everyone has something that he or she is good at. While most are not Olympic gold medalists in their respective fields, simply participating in something that you love and have a talent for is a one-way ticket to a mood boost. Allowing oneself to improve in something enjoyable is a perfect way to learn self-pride. 


4. Spend time alone

Although this may be challenging for some, a great way to appreciate yourself is to enjoy your own presence with no distractions. This does not mean sitting in a room in silence — go on a self-date, run an errand or do something fun! Having an adventure alone will illuminate things about yourself to love and admire.


5. Take care of the body

Whether this means sleeping longer, going outside or eating certain foods, the brain will only be able to reach a place of self-love if the body feels fulfilled and nourished. No exercise or dieting is required — just do what feels right for the individual. A hostile body will produce a mind that does not have one’s best interests at heart. 


6. Stand tall

While this may seem simple, when standing tall, a person commands every space that he or she enters. Sometimes it takes changing physical posture to convince yourself that you deserve appreciation. Opening up to the world as someone to be respected will begin the journey to self-respect. 


7. Have fun!

Even though this is not always easy in practice, allowing laughter and emotional release will increase overall happiness, leaving space for self-appreciation. The ways that each person has fun are unique, so honor what is true to yourself. Smiling and letting go are a direct path to an improved mood, so allow yourself to be free!