What goes into the Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher?



Many CHS students come to school each day with a new Starbucks drink in hand. Lately, the Strawberry Açaí Starbucks Refresher has been at the top of the list. 

“I feel like at least one person in every period is carrying [a refresher],” said Robotics, AP Computer Science and Broadcasting teacher Michael Yeung. “What is it even?” 

This refresher is cool, caffeinated and fruity, made from ice, freeze-dried strawberries and a strawberry acai base. Despite containing caffeine, as per their name, the refresher does not dehydrate the way coffee does. Although it was created as far back as 2012, it has exploded in popularity since then, particularly during the summer months.

“I order the Strawberry Açaí Refresher [almost everyday],” said junior Mia Eliav. “I spend around two hundred dollars a month at Starbucks.” 

In the eyes of many, Starbucks charges extravagant prices for largely simple drinks, discouraging some students from purchasing them. The largest size of the refresher, trenta, goes for $6.45, while the smallest size, tall, goes for $4.65. 

“I’ve been wanting to try the drink everyone has at school, except I don’t want to spend an absurd amount of money on a drink I’m not even sure I’ll like,” said freshman Ella Meyers. “I would make it at home if I knew how.”

Luckily for Meyers and other students, the refresher is actually not complicated to make at home! Ingredients include water, açaí powder, strawberry natural flavoring, green coffee extract, passion fruit syrup and white grape juice, as well as optional lemonade and freeze dried strawberries. Click here for the full recipe, and enjoy!