Last-minute DIY costume guide

Worried about coming up with a last-minute Halloween costume? The Courier shares some DIY costume ideas that are not only inexpensive but bound to stand out!


1. Men in Black


This costume, inspired by the science-fiction film Men in Black, is super easy to create. The only materials needed are black sunglasses, a black blazer or jacket, black pants or skirt and black shoes. For an extra special touch, order an inflatable alien from Amazon, or just add eyes to a green balloon!


2. Easy A


Emma Stone’s character in romantic comedy Easy A is another film-inspired, super cute Halloween idea. Just put on black leggings or pants, a black corset, black sunglasses and black heels, add an “A” made of red tape and hit the town!


3. Bob Ross


Painter Bob Ross, an iconic artist, makes for a very unique costume. To embody Ross, grab a blue collared shirt, blue jeans, a curly wig and glasses. Draw on a beard using face paint, and finish the look with a paintbrush and palette as accessories.


4. Velma


Another costume idea is Scooby-Doo character Velma. All this requires is an orange top, square-framed glasses, a red skirt, orange long socks and red shoes. To really complete the costume, sweep front pieces of hair to the side to give the look of bangs.