Crumbl Cookies: Worth the hype?



As 2022 winds down, food lovers think back on one of the highest rated dessert places in Los Angeles: Crumbl Cookies. The store features a constantly changing menu of cookies packed with gourmet flavors and varying from hot to chilled, depending on what works best for each cookie. However, the question stands: do the tastes live up to the hype?

Crumbl Cookies has taken over millions of TikTok “For You” pages, with videos featuring an array of distinctive and exclusive flavors, including Caramel Apple, Birthday Cake, Frozen Hot Chocolate and many more. The rotating menu keeps patrons on their toes but can be frustrating for those with a favorite flavor.

“I like how you get a new variety every week,” said CHS senior Kylie Cohan. “It gets me excited for the new flavors. But if you really like a flavor, it is upsetting when you won’t get it back for a really long time.”

Compared to other gourmet brands, Crumbl Cookies are on the sweeter side, which may be off-putting to some. When biting into them, the cookies snap because of their somewhat crunchy borders and chewy insides. Lovers of Crumbl are often those who drink coffee with a lot of sweet cream, eat cake with heavy frosting and prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

“[Crumbl is] not a basic concept, but I do feel like sometimes the flavors are overly sweet and repetitive, especially when they make the same type of cookie but with different names,” said junior Sophia Vega. “It feels deceiving.”

After asking students, the consensus is that the favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip, but most enjoy trying different variations. According to junior Brock Bomberg, the aspects of Crumbl that make it stand out are what make it so popular.

“[The Crumbl Cookie concept] is unique and different, which is why there is so much hype around it,” said Bomberg.

So, does Crumbl Cookies truly live up to the hype? With outstanding service, clean and inviting stores and an extensive flavor list, the store offers something for customers of all taste buds. Despite very high expectations, Crumbl is definitely worth a trip!