Students find comfort in re-watching shows and movies


Thought Catalog

Have you ever dreamt of sipping on a warm cup of coffee with Rachel Green in Central Perk? Or walking through the streets of Stars Hollow with Rory Gilmore? In the new phenomenon of the “comfort show,” many people find themselves attached to one show that provides an escape from reality and transports them into another world filled with joy and warmth.

Rewatching the same shows and movies is essentially a common and easy way to relieve anxiety and de-stress. Being able to predict a familiar plot line can give the brain time to relax

“Many people who experience anxiety rewatch media they’ve previously seen as a source of comfort and coping,” said Lina Mafi according to the Intuitive Healing Psychotherapy Practice.

For CHS students, comfort television may differ from person to person, including sitcoms, action and romance, but all allow students to unwind after long school days. Some popular comfort shows and movies include Friends, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, WandaVison, Moonknight, Dickinson, Ten Things I Hate About You, Pride and Prejudice and The Edge of Seventeen.

If experiencing stress, try taking a break and watching your preferred movie or TV show, whatever it may be!