Ginny and Georgia returns for season two: Writer’s review



On Jan. 5, Netflix released season two of Ginny and Georgia, replete with newly relatable characters and added suspense compared to the first season. While some fans may be put off by changes, season two does a fantastic job portraying the lives of teenagers in a world of depression and self-harm. 

Unlike last season, characters are not as unlikable and “cringe.” Season two shines the main characters in a more relatable light for its targeted audience. Young viewers are able to grasp the dialogue and connect themselves to the film due to modern day issues discussed. Viewers should be advised — some pretty heavy topics are mentioned. 

The iconic ‘love square’ presented throughout the new season is a perfect example of how the show engages audiences. Georgia has three potential love interests: Joe, Mayor Paul and Zion. As viewers watch her navigate this challenge, they must decide for themselves whose team they are on.

Unlike season one, season two comes with a surplus of suspense due to the thrill of Georgia’s past crimes and how the Millers deal with them. Viewers are bound to be hooked the entire time!

The soundtrack of the new season deserves acknowledgement because of how purely it captures the mood. Songs like “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez (with Em Beihold), “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” by Gracie Abrams and “Something About You” by Elderbrook & Rudimental reflect the sad feel of the show. Ginny and Georgia is perfect for fans of Gilmore Girls and The Edge of Seventeen. Even if the first season wasn’t a favorite, the second season is worth a binge!