Favorite Coachella outfits: Writer’s pick


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place just last week in Indio, California, bringing together over 250,000 music fanatics for a weekend of live performance and meticulously curated outfits. Varying from celebrities to influencers, these Coachella styles from day one through three are fan favorites.

1. Zoi Lerma

Instagram model Zoi Lerma successfully pulled off a modern version of what a Cochella outfit should look like. From the red boots to her long brown skirt, her outfits are strong statements and absolutely stunning.

2. Charli D’amelio and Landon Barker

The TikTok couple Charli D’amelio and Landon Barker coordinated their outfits this year. Barker, like lots of Coachella guests, wore denim on denim, and D’amelio looked decadent in a flowy white dress that perfectly fit the Coachella vibe. She also wore long hair extensions, which flawlessly suited the long dress. 

3. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain has dominated the fashion world and made a name for herself through her YouTube channel, so her Coachella looks are always anticipated by the media. Chamberlain’s denim mini dress and red Dr. Martens certainly lived up to expectations, perfectly matching her own aesthetic and that of the festival. 

4. Georgia Fowler

New Zealand model Georgia Fowler opted for a look based on neutrals, wearing a beautiful brown dress, brown sunglasses and cowboy boots. Flowers on the top of the dress added a bit of variation to the piece. 

5. Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri from Love Island UK wore stunningly summery outfits on both days of Coachella, featuring high boots and the popular matching set style. Ghori’s color coordination gave her outfits a cohesive feel.

6. Cindy Kimberly

Social media star and model Cindy Kimberly wore a beautiful green set with sunglasses and a matching green purse. With her braided hair, floral print and spring colors, Kimberly’s outfit is a seasonal gem and an absolute favorite!

7. Madeleine White

Model Madeleine White wore a novelty outfit compared to other attendees, sporting a top made of belts and a mini skirt. The combination was eccentric in an extremely Coachella-esque and eye-catching way!

8. Madison Lewis

Known for her TikTok presence, Madison Lewis wore an elegant and summery outfit for the Coachella experience. The pale blue and black contrasted beautifully with her skin tone and hair color.