CHS has been awarded the title of being an Exemplary Arts Gold Medal School


Jillian Punwar - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

On March 11, the California School Board awarded CHS with the title of being an “Exemplary Arts Gold Medal School.” CHS is now known as one of the few schools with an exemplary arts program in the state.

 Although this award was previously known as a “California Distinguished” achievement, this prize now has a different name. CHS is being honored for its visual and performing arts programs, including theater, art, dance and choir. This is the first time CHS has been named a gold ribbon school.

“This award speaks very highly to not only our performing arts programs, but also to all the amazing work our teachers and students are doing at CHS,” said Assistant Principal and Director of Activities and Discipline, Steve Scifres.

The California School Board only presents this prize to a select group of schools. In fact, only 36 schools in California have received the honor. Schools must go through an evaluation prior to being named a gold ribbon school, in which school officials will visit and evaluate performing arts classrooms.

“I definitely think receiving this award is recognizing all the great work our teachers and students do,” said Scifres. “We truly do have amazing teachers in all disciplines, especially the arts.”

Scifres and the administration hope that this award will give the arts program the recognition CHS deserves and believe the arts program will only improve. In time, CHS faculty and students hope to gain more awards and achievements.