Clubs enrich students’ lives


Syra Taub - Online Editor, Photos by Chelsea Argue - Photo Editor

The start of the school year is a time that CHS students know well: the stacks of textbooks piled up in lockers, the first KYOTV episode and of course, Club Rush. Club Rush, which comes around twice a year, is a time to celebrate all the incredible clubs at CHS while also introducing students to the opportunities of the upcoming year. Getting involved in these clubs is very important because clubs give CHS students the chance to take a break from schoolwork, add diversity to their college applications and allow them to meet new people.

Firstly, the clubs at CHS provide a refreshing break from the anxiety that classes may produce. By joining a club during lunch, students have the opportunity to relax with peers who all have common interests or desires.

Clubs also provide an opportunity to polish one’s student résumé.  Colleges may be significantly more interested in a student pursuing his or her passions over a student who is not as involved in extracurricular activities.

Additionally, joining a club is an opportunity for students to find new friends who share their interests. By joining clubs, one can make new connections with others who are passionate about similar topics.

“Clubs are such a great way to get involved,” said junior Emmy Becker-Spector. “It is so great to have something constructive to do while still having fun and being with friends.”

As the school year continues, students can begin to get excited about clubs. Clubs at CHS are a vital part of the high school experience because they allow students to take a break from schoolwork, they appeal to colleges and students can make more friends for the year ahead.