Celebrities have created a “scandalous revolution”

Celebrities have created a scandalous revolution

In today’s society, teenagers are infatuated with celebrities.  This common obsession often becomes a way of life as thousands of teens go to extremes in order to mimic their celebrity idols.  Because of celebrities’ revealing apparel, teenage clothing has undergone a scandalous revolution.  Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana days are long behind her as her new edgy “untamed” haircut and biker inspired wardrobe are sending the wrong message to young fans.  Cyrus is one of the most popular teen icons and her recent style changes are influencing the choices teenage girls are making.  Also stealing the spotlight is pop sensation Lady Gaga.  While her outrageous ensembles, which include dresses made of raw meat and eight inch heels, promote individuality they also show teenage girls that wearing promiscuous apparel is acceptable.  Girls are not the only ones who are obsessed with adhering to the fashion rules set by their celebrity role models.  Guys also draw inspiration from icons such as 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.  Sagging their jeans, wearing multiple chains and getting excessive amounts of tattoos are just some of the common trends seen among male celebrities.  These influences diminish the idea of respectability among teenagers who are viewed by adults as unprofessional, especially when they appear in vulgar attire at school. If celebrities can portray a better example to their fans, people may be spared from yet another ensemble composed of a skimpy top and jean shorts the size of bathing suit bottoms.

Photos Courtesy of Google Images and Sam Cohen – Photographer