Students bear responsiblity for dirty campus

Students at Calabasas High School have complained about the campus’ overall cleanliness for years, but in reality, the janitorial staff keeps the campus in top condition. Despite aged gum stuck to the floors and sub-par bathroom conditions, the majority of the campus is consistently clean.

Buildings and classrooms at CHS used to be very unkempt, but fortunately, many of the facilities have undergone significant changes in recent years. For example, in 2016, the administration building’s floors were completely renovated, and the exterior and interior were repainted. Additionally, the CHS sports facilities were also improved dramatically; the most exciting feature being the football team’s locker room, which now includes LED lights, flat-screen TVs and several comfortable couches. The football field, re-turfed in 2017, is constantly used by student-athletes and can always be found in pristine condition. Last year, the alumni association completely redesigned the weight room into a state-of-the-art fitness center. Over the summer, the auto shop was reimagined into a modern and exquisite alternative learning center. The sports facilities such as the gym, weight room, dance room, tennis courts, baseball field and pool are all kept in great condition year-round. The world-class Performing Arts Education Center looks immaculate at all times as well.

The campus’ outdoor areas are well-kept at all times as well. The upper quad holds a well-groomed lawn, while the lower quad includes clean lunch tables and eating areas for all students to enjoy. Scattered throughout the premises are grand oak trees, which add to the campus’ beauty. Despite the fact that hundreds of students utilize the senior lot daily, the lot remains much cleaner than one would imagine. Not only does the hard-working custodial staff play a critical role in maintaining the indoor campus, but their efforts extend to the exterior as well. The custodians contribute to the campus in numerous ways and devote a great deal of time to cleaning up after the student body.

Students have criticized that the campus is unsanitary due to the littered gum and graffitied bathrooms. Students complain that gum is constantly found stuck to floors, walls and desks around campus. At times, the bathrooms are found covered with graffiti and trash. However, these minor issues can easily be resolved if students simply take the initiative to throw away their gum and trash and stop writing on the bathroom stalls. The dedicated janitorial staff cleans the floors daily, yet students continue to complain about dirty floors.

“Sometimes the floor feels sticky when I walk down the hall,” said sophomore Mia Sher. You can see the dirt all over the ground.”

All in all, CHS is a clean campus. The cleanliness at CHS is comparable to that of a private school, and visitors can attest to its spotless nature. If students want to achieve peak cleanliness, they must take initiative to stop littering and drawing graffiti. •