Lockout causes controversy for NBA

TEAM TROUBLES: NBA lockouts leave fans wondering about the fate of the upcoming season.

Taylor St. Ives - Staff Writer, '13

The Los Angeles Lakers have issued yet another lockout, and similarly to those in the past, this one stems from financial conflicts. The owners have proposed reduced salaries for the players. Currently, the athletes receive 60 percent of incoming revenue from games and franchises, while the owners receive 40 percent. Money is tighter than it has been in the past, and both the ego-driven owners and players are hot and bothered.

These multi-millionaire athletes see lowered salaries as a prominent threat. Why should Kobe Bryant have to sell his $300,000 Ferrari F430 or force his wife to part with her eight-carat, purple diamond apology ring?

The issue may lie in the fact that the season has yet to actually commence. Whether or not this is proper work ethic, the players may simply need a wake up call from entering a new season ill-prepared.

With no sense of urgency, fans do not view it necessary to invest their concern where it is not needed. Certainly, no one is particularly shocked by another lockout. Is it surprising that a group of self absorbed millionaires are demanding more money?

Few know for certain what is going on behind the scenes or whether or not an end is near. Negotiations are currently in the works. What is certain is that Lakers lockouts are becoming a tired subject. •