CHS winter sports

The Courier Staff


Boys Soccer

With the majority of players on the team in their senior year, the boys varsity soccer team has more than enough experience to reach the top. They were successful last year, taking second place in the Crespi Winter Break tournament and having an overall good season. This year, they hope to improve by practicing strenuous drills, which requires a serious commitment to the team. Many of the players have been working together since sixth grade, and their strong relationships have had a positive impact on the team’s communication. Strategically, the team has focused on improving offensive plays and bringing out each player’s individual strengths.

Girls Soccer 


Although the girls varsity soccer team has flourished in previous seasons, the team is making significant changes to its game plan. Instead of relying on the defensive approach they used last season, the players are working on an offensive style, which requires more tactical thinking. In addition to executing drills that will improve their individual strengths, the team is also focusing on technique and strategical thinking that is also required for their overall success. Head Coach Julie Scheppele plans on utilizing her senior squad in her line up. Due to the talent and dedication that the seniors have displayed over the last four years, the team is expected to have incredible success.


The new additions to the varsity wrestling team have brought tremendous energy and confidence to the players. Coaches have worked hard to bring new life to the program, and players have taken serious measures to improve their individual skills. Instead of taking the summer off, as they have in the past, many attended top-tier wrestling camps and tournaments during this typical off season. Conditioning with the football team encouraged some of the team’s best athletes to join wrestling, making the group force to be reckoned with. No matter the outcome of the upcoming winter season, the wrestlers’ hard work and resolve will stand out among the other schools.


Girls Water Polo

Coach Jeff Russ, the newest member of the CHS water polo team, has brought unprecedented excitement to the program that will surely make a difference this season. Russ quickly introduced new defensive plays and strategies in addition to increasing practice time. The team now works out twice a day, and the time commitment has contributed to their overall improvement. Although the varsity team lacked senior players last year, this year, the majority of the team is composed of seniors. These dedicated upperclassmen are looking forward to a successful last season, as they believe that this will be the year they earn a position among other top competitive teams in the league.

Boys Basketball

With the addition of two new coaches and four team captains, the boys varsity basketball team feels more than prepared for its upcoming season. The assistant coach from the University of California Los Angeles, Casey Metoyer, has been vigorously training the players. The coaches have been stressing skill development with extra conditioning practices. The players’ chemistry as well as its commitment to improvement has allowed them to perform better as a team. The program’s anticipated success is being monitored by the media, with ESPN listing the team in the top 10 for the Los Angeles North region.


Girls Basketball

The girls basketball program has a renewed sense of hope for the upcoming season. The varsity team is ready for a new beginning, and guiding that path is the new head coach Joseph Heredia. Individually, the players are strong competitors. As chemistry on and off the court will take the team form good to great, the girls are working on improving their bond. Through this developed sense of teamwork, the girls hope to make up for their lack of height and shortage of senior players. This season, the girls want to attract more attention to the program by drawing school support in order to cheer them on during their home and away games.