aims to help CHS athletes

Kinsey Marker - Staff Writer

Many student athletes share the same goal of someday taking their abilities to the next level by participating in college sports. However, the recruitment process can be extremely daunting. Justin Szabo, the creator of, designed a website that helps young athletes navigate the recruitment process through several methods.

“When I was a high school athlete, I did not have a plan and did not spend any time marketing myself to colleges,” said Szabo. “I knew there had to be an easier way to find the right college. Since then, I have spent 10 years researching the recruiting industry, and ScoutMe was born.”

Any student athlete can sign up for an online profile with ScoutMe. The website offers detailed instructions and programs that help match a student with a college based on academics and athletics. Whether it is tips about nutrition, sports technology or news about sports education, ScoutMe truly strives to find the right college for every athlete.

“There is a college program for everybody, and you can never start too early,” said Szabo.

In addition, ScoutMe holds showcases at different high schools. These events aim to highlight athletes’ abilities as well as help them in the areas that they can improve upon. Over the summer there are three events for football, golf and volleyball respectively, and each lasts three and a half days.

The CHS football team’s wide receiver coach Kevin Moore has been working with ScoutMe as the school’s recruiting service advisor and believes that ScoutMe helps shed light on the undiscovered player.

“There are many student athletes who get overlooked that I would consider a three or four star recruit, but they are not being seen that way because they really do not get a chance to display their talents,” saidMoore. “We believe that everybody deserves a shot, and it is our platform that provides it.”

The success of ScoutMe is not based on numbers or statistics but on the choices of the athletes. ScoutMe offers players different routes and programs to choose from, but it is up to the individual to take advantage of the opportunities.

For students who are looking to play college sports and receive a great education, the ScoutMe program is a necessary tool. By educating and guiding young athletes, ScoutMe can maximize anyone’s chance of being recruited.•