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Beach Workout

If you are trapped in a gym while performing a tedious exercise, working out can easily do more harm than help. However, a healthy and fun way to stay in shape while also enjoying the beautiful Southern Calif. summer is exercising at the beach. Not only does a coastal workout indulge your summer cravings such as the fresh smell of salt water and the comforting feel of warm sand but it also provides an intensified workout. Due to the fact that you sink into the sand while running, your muscles have to work even harder to dig their way out. Also, extreme summer heat causes you to sweat more than usual, which can cleanse your pores and clear your skin. To top off your day of physical activity, a vigorous game of beach volleyball is always a great way to strengthen both your social and physical health as well. This summer, achieve your beach body simply by visiting the beach itself.

Healthy Eating

With summer just around the corner, striving for the physique of a runway model is not a very reasonable aspiration. The only way to both look and feel good is to eat natural, healthy foods rather than to crash diet. Despite many predispositions toward any type of “health food diet,” eating right is the key to feeling and looking fit. Blueberries, a delicious summer staple, are high in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, which are good for one’s heart, eyes and immune system. Kale, a dark green leafy vegetable, is rich in calcium, which is great for bone strength. Also, one cup of creamy lentil soup provides about 35 percent of the daily iron suggestion. While shedding those winter clothes and pounds can be intimidating, eating healthy will undoubtedly boost one’s energy levels, mood and confidence.

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