Q&A with Girls Tennis

Sports Q&A with girls tennis coach and girls tennis varsity captains.

 Coach Aram Abgaryan

What are your goals for this season? As the new coach, what have you changed and what do you hope to add?

The team has made it to playoffs again, which I am very pleased about. We have been working really hard trying to get there, and I am happy we have reached our goal. As the new coach, I have really enjoyed working with the team and trying to make the girls work harder and play the best they can.

2. Does your team have any pregame rituals?

Our team always huddles up in a circle, and we do our chant loud and proud, sometimes even screaming.

3. How has your team done this season?

We have done pretty well this season, only dropping two games in the league.

4. What are your team’s strengths?

We have a solid lineup in singles with our top three players Jensyn Warren, Jessica Abgaryan and Hope Tropster. Following them, we have three great varsity doubles teams. Overall the girls play really well together and connect as a team.

Varsity Captains (Sabrina Meleo, Nicolette Alexandroff, Ilana Markowitz)

1. What are your goals for this season?

SM: Our main goal for this season is winning CIF. We have already qualified, coming in second place in league. We have qualified every year and hope to win for the first time.

2. Do you have any pregame rituals?

NA: Before the matches start, the captains announce the lineup, we all get in a circle and then the captains give words of wisdom. We say our chant and get ready to win!

3. How has your team grown since you started playing tennis at CHS?

IM: We have all gotten a lot more consistent and have become better players overall. Our net game has improved and with each year, and we have definitely all become closer. By the end of season, I know we will feel like family.

4. What inspires you to play tennis?

SM/NA: Our good reputation makes us strive to keep it up, and be the best we can be.

5. How has your team adapted to the change of having a new coach?

IM: With the addition of our new coach, our team has gone through a touch transition. Having the support from our teammates, we have been able to adapt easily to his new ways of coaching.