Varsity football strives for victory


Writer Mabelle Salloum gets the inside scoop from captains Tim Hillman, Anthony Wright, Josh Kirashapour and James Cahill as well as Coach Pierce.

 Varsity Captains
MS: How do you contribute to the team as a captain?TH: The captains are the leaders of the team.  We try to guide other kids and help them become better players.

MS: How do you feel about playing AHS for Homecoming?

AW: It just brings more motivation to our team because last year we were so close to winning.  We all think and talk about it; it is a big thing for us. To say we beat our rivals is a great thing to say.

MS: How do you feel this season was a learning experience?

JC: Being a captain has taught me perseverance.  Going through the hard times is what makes the other times so good.

Coach Pierce

MS: How do you feel about the younger football players? How are you training them to become a better team?

CP: We want all our student athletes to experience some success in this program because that transcends to life success.  We keep doing the basic things with a lot of repetition to make sure these kids get what they need.

MS: What do you look for when choosing a potential captain?

CP: You must be a hard worker by example, you must be a leader in the weight-room, you must be a leader in the class-room and you must be a leader in the community.  You have to be the right kind of kid to represent this football program.