Powderpuff 2014 Recap


Despite the weather being in triple-digits on May 16, students and parents still gathered at the football field to witness the annual Powderpuff game. Powderpuff happens once a year, and every year junior girls challenge senior girls in a game of flag football led by players from the varsity football team. This year’s captains for the junior team were Camron Clifton, Ariel Getter, Lewis Goodman and Jonathan Tarazi. Seniors Andreas Bouchereau, Slater Davis and Kyle Thomas led the senior team.

Lasting only two quarters, the seniors won, finishing with a 22-0 lead. Playing for the senior team, Kinsey Marker was almost able to run from midfield to the goal line before her flag was pulled near the end zone. In addition to Marker’s excellent play, senior Nathalie Graham was able to make a yard run from midfield down to the goal line without getting her flag pulled, resulting in a touchdown. The game was filled with many more plays that were seamlessly executed resulting in a 22-point victory.

Although the seniors walked away with the win, the junior team also made some outstanding plays. Junior Sophia Sorrentino ran to the 20-yard line from midfield before having her flag pulled. Another great play made by junior Caroline Resnick took place when she made a deep forward pass to junior Talia Platcha, who was able to run to the 30-yard line.

From the moment they walked onto the field, the senior girls participating in Powderpuff put all their efforts into the game, which was displayed through their fierce determination to be the winning team.