CHS welcomes new football coach


Preston Espar - Staff Writer, Saman Rad - Photographer

A change is coming to the Calabasas Football program. Former head coach Casey Clausen left CHS to coach at his alma mater, Alemany High School. Soon after, CHS hired Chris Claiborne as the new head coach.

With a long history of playing and coaching football, Claiborne served as the defensive coordinator for the Coyotes for the 2014-2015 season. He was a star linebacker at USC and played in the NFL for 8 years. As a new and exciting hire for the Coyotes, Claiborne has one main goal going into next season: to get his players to the next level, which is the NCAA.

“I want to send as many kids as I can to college,” said Claiborne.

Claiborne was drafted 9th overall by the Detroit Lions in the 1999 NFL Draft. He played in Detroit for three years and shortly after signed with the Minnesota Vikings in 2003. He stayed a Viking for two years until he moved on to the St. Louis Rams where he spent the 2005 season. The last time he played on an NFL field was in 2006 with the New York Giants.

“This new coaching staff is insane,” said sophomore Yonny Rushinek. “It is packed with former NFL and college players that have a high IQ for the game. Our head coach is definitely a step ahead of most high school coaches. Expect this coaching staff to help us win state next year.”

As a former player in the National Football League, Coach Claiborne began coaching soon after his NFL career ended. His first coaching job was at Oaks Christian High School in 2013 before his two years at Calabasas under Coach Clausen. Now, as Head Coach, Claiborne looks forward to making a bigger impact on the team.

“I love to teach and see the progression of a player,” said Claiborne.

The Coyotes went 10-2 in the 2017 season, displaying their worth and consistency in the league. Claiborne has already built relationships within the program and will undoubtedly prove why he is the right choice for the job come next season. •