The Life of an LA Dodgers Fan

Max Somerfeld - Sports Editor

After squandering a three-run lead, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost game five of the National League Division Series, 7-3, eliminating them from the playoffs and dashing fans’ World Series hopes for the third straight year.
The past three seasons have been nothing short of a nightmare for Dodger fans. After winning seven straight NL West division titles and losing two consecutive World Series, even a return to the championship would not please fans. In order to satisfy supporters, the team had to bring home the trophy.

The nightmare repeated itself for Dodgers fans as they watched stalwart pitcher Clayton Kershaw, who despite his status as a team legend, is only 8-8 in 26 postseason starts over a 12-year career, give up two home runs in the eighth inning, blowing a two-run lead and giving the Nationals a second life. Kershaw’s performance was familiar to fans, who have become used to their team faltering in the playoffs after remarkable regular seasons.

“The whole season feels like a waste,” said senior Gustavo Larson. “106 wins and home field advantage for nothing.”

The Dodgers have not won the World Series since 1988. After losing the 2017 World Series, to the Astros in a heartbreaking seven games, they followed that with another defeat–this time in five games– at the hands of the Boston Red Sox. Last night’s loss left many fans regretful of sticking with the Dodgers in the first place.

“I could not fall asleep last night,” said senior Adam Rubin. “I was so upset and debated on whether or not I should stay loyal.”

With the Rams losing the Super Bowl last year, the city of Los Angeles is desperate for a championship. The future of LA sports resides in the NBA, with the Lakers and the Clippers listed as championship contenders.

“I am tired of being let down year after year,” said junior Matt Wagner. “At least we got the Lakers.”

Without confidence in the pitching staff and a roster full of young players, the future of the Dodgers is likely to reflect the past. Unless the team acquires big names, which they have failed to do the previous years, it is reasonable to expect more disappointment.