Baseball preps for first full year under new coach Dan Cey

The Calabasas High School baseball program will enter its first season in 6 years without former head coach Thomas Cassidy. After stepping down from head coach to assistant coach halfway through last school year, Cassidy has decided to entirely remove himself from the program. Dan Cey will resume the responsibilities of the head coach position, as he did last season when Cassidy stepped down. However, this time Cey has full control of the program from the get-go.

Coach Cassidy had been successful in his coaching career, evident in Calabasas winning the Marmonte League in 2018. When the next season came around, Cassidy transferred his position to Cey around Dec. 2018 to focus on himself.

“I stepped down for personal reasons and I did not feel I could run the program at the standard I had set for myself anymore,” said Cassidy. “I am confident that Coach Cey and his staff will do a great job.”

The varsity team struggled last season, finishing with a 9-18 record. With the transition taking place prior to the season, it was difficult for the program to adjust. After overcoming many obstacles, this upcoming season should be more enjoyable for both the players and the students of CHS.

“The program has not changed that much, but Coach Cey runs things a little different,” said senior Adam Rubin. “This season I expect the team to be competitive and a candidate for the Marmonte League title.”

Dan Cey has been affiliated with the program for many seasons and has learned a lot from observing Cassidy. Although he is acquiring more responsibilities, Cey feels ready to lead the team to championships and make the adjustments necessary to do so.

“I want to bring this program notoriety and success,” said Cey. “With upgrades to the baseball complex, we should have a top-notch facility in a couple of years.”

One upgrade the school could use is a renovation of the freshman field. While the varsity field was built with the help of donations from Bret Saberhagen, the lower levels of the program play on an ugly diamond. With lips in the grass and hard dirt, one of the first things Cey will do is fix the dangerous field.

The feelings between Cey and Cassidy are mutual, as both coaches have confidence in each other’s ability to develop the players’ skills and win games. The future of the Calabasas baseball program remains bright, despite a change in leadership. Coach Cey looks forward to his new role and representing CHS. •