Sports with Shpall and Zvi-SPN boosts mornings

Every day, ASB Athletic Commissioners Emma Shpall and Jonathan Zvi voice the athletic segment on the morning announcements. Both Shpall and Zvi bring their experience to the athletics program, as Shpall is captain of varsity girls volleyball and Zvi is a former baseball player.

As the anchors of the athletic segment, Zvi and Shpall are always in touch with all aspects of athletics at CHS. They work closely with players and coaches to ensure that all games receive the attention they deserve. Along with announcing games and results, every week Zvi and Shpall hand out posters in homerooms detailing all sports events happening that week, which has been one of Shpall’s goals since interviewing for the position last May.

“I love being in contact with players and hearing about the success of our teams,” said Shpall. “It is super important to us that every sport is represented and all home games are announced so the student body hears about them.”

Not only are they responsible for the sports segment on the morning announcements, but Zvi and Shpall also plan events to promote school athletic morale. They have organized a multitude of events including the 3v3 Basketball tournament and the Kevin Cordasco basketball game. Both the tournament and the game have brought students and faculty together. Additionally, Shpall and Zvi organize themes including Hawaiian-night and blackouts for important games.

“The 3 on 3 basketball tournament was a huge success,” said junior Adam Schwartz. “Seeing everyone in the gym getting hyped for their friends was awesome.”

In addition, the Athletic Commissioners have planned tailgates and competitions during nutrition to boost the spirit of the student body. Shpall and Zvi have also planned a faculty member vs football player pie-eating and donut eating contest to get the PACK excited before football games. The tailgates also feature food trucks, pizza and fun games.

“I really hope the PACK conntinues to grow and a group of people step up after I graduate to lead the pack,” said Zvi. “I know as a freshman I really looked up to the pack leaders and wanted to be one when I was a senior so I just hope I have had the same effect on lower classmen.”

Zvi and Shpall continue to brainstorm different ways to increase attendance and excitement. Shpall and Zvi have raised the expectations for future Athletics Commissioners and look forward to the rest of the year’s sports events. •