Calabasas High Sports Opening Up


Calabasas High School announced the suspension of all in-person athletics on Nov. 3, 2020, but as of Feb. 1, 2021, many sports programs began returning to in-person practices. A previous rise in COVID-19 cases caused a pause for all sports, which gave the CHS athletic department time to come up with new safety protocols. As sports returned, the new precautions were effective immediately in guaranteeing the safety of the athletes and coaches. 

“The main things we are doing are restricting only two people per ball, sanitizing at every water break, and making sure everyone is socially distant when possible,” said CHS senior and boys volleyball player Ry Kagan. “Other than that, it is your basic ‘wear a mask and daily screening.’”

Since Feb. 1, 2021 many sports teams began resuming in-person practices with the same precautions in place. As sports teams prepared to return to campus, the athletic department implemented an app for students called Student Square that all student athletes must download in order to check in. This app allows athletes to answer check-in screening questions and immediately show their coaches their results.

“Athletes show the ‘form completion’ screen to the coach who confirms it has ​today’s date​ and​ a ​green check,” said CHS assistant principal Dr. Logan Fox and Athletic Director Jon  Palarz in an email to students and parents. “This ensures that all student athletes coming on campus are free of COVID-19 symptoms and following the guidelines safely.”

The previous restrictions set into place on Nov. 3, were part of an effort by CHS to minimize the possibility of a spread of COVID-19 within the school. With those precautions in place, many teams’ practices had to be put on hold.

“It’s a bummer that we are not able to be on the field right now,” said CHS Girls Varsity Soccer coach Brian Collins. “The staff and I were really excited about our social distancing practices the past couple of months.”

Before the pause, all CHS sports teams were taking precautions required by CHS to practice while social distancing and wearing masks. Anyone on campus was required to wear a mask, get their temperature checked, and fill out a form to ensure that they are symptom-free of COVID-19. Now, CHS has safely returned all in person athletics with new and improved protocols that will prevent the spread of COVID-19.