Oaks Christian’s win over Calabasas football may be nullified


Photo courtesy of @calabasasfootball on Instagram

Although Oaks Christan beat Calabasas football on the scoreboard, their win might not count. Oaks Christan had a tenth grade transfer student who’s paperwork was never filled out. The student, who transferred from Westlake, played a couple plays in the 4th quarter. 

When Oaks Christan realized they had played an ineligible player, they contacted the Calabasas administration, who encouraged Oaks Christan to self-report the situation. The player also played in a lacrosse game earlier this year.

Rule 500.2.1 of the CIF Blue Book states that if an ineligible player participated due to the administration not submitting paperwork, the school would have to forfeit the game.

If Oaks Christian had an additional situation like this in the past, the football program could face additional sanctions. If Oaks Christan were to forfeit the game against Calabasas, it looks like Calabasas would be crowned champions of the Marmonte League. 

Updates to come.