Girls tennis team season preview


Gaby Goldberg and Sofie Kocar

The CHS girls tennis team is preparing to have a successful season back on campus. Second-year head coach Criss Rodriquez has worked with her players intensely for the season, creating a close bond in the program.

 With practices 5 days a week, the team is ready to compete and show what they have been committed to working on for the past few weeks. The varsity team is especially large this year, twenty-six girls. 

“The team can improve on becoming more of a team itself,” said Rodriguez. “Right now it is still early in the season and a lot of the girls haven’t clicked. It’s a big team, so I really want them to come together.”

In addition to playing well on the court, an important aspect to the team is having the ability to be together as a team. Varsity sophomore Sophia Sassoonian stresses the importance of team building and the effect it has on teamwork during the matches.  

“The team is happy just being able to do the things that we used to do before [the pandemic], play the full matches, get to do the cheers and just be all together,” said Sassoonian. 

The team has been spending a lot of time bonding with one another and improving their skills. The team is able to travel to away games together, which they were not able to experience last year. 

“I am looking forward to playing against Harvard-Westlake and Westlake High School. I would say those are the most challenging teams, but I think it’s very possible to give them a hard time and hopefully win,” said Sassoonian. 

With the team’s hard work and determination, they hope to have a successful season and possibly a playoff run.