CHS drops rivalry game to Agoura, 25-6


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Calabasas High School faced the Agoura Chargers in a tough-fought loss. The Agoura offense started strong when they ran an end around pass that brought them into the red zone on the very first play. The Chargers’ Quarterback, Ty Dieffenbach, then ended up sneaking in a touchdown leading to a 7-0 score on the game. 

The Coyotes got the ball back and unfortunately stalled out on a fourth and one, as the Charges defense collapsed on the play causing a turnover on downs. The Chargers kept the offensive hot streak going as the Chargers threw another touchdown leading to a 14-0 lead for the Chargers.

The Coyotes finally started to rally as they ended the quarter with some amount of offensive momentum. However, CHS ended up stalling out on fourth down and gave the ball back to the Chargers.

This bad night of offense continued for CHS as they ended up getting stuffed in their own endzone, leading to a safety. Thankfully, for the Coyotes, they got a great stop and got the ball back. The Coyotes started to gain more steam offensively as Sophomore Aaron Butler caught a check-down and ran it for 45 yards, kick-starting the Calabasas offense. Alas this drive did not end up in points as a jump ball pass was picked off by the Chargers in the red zone. 

The Coyotes started the second half with the ball at their own 20. The Coyotes’ offense kept the ball moving as Junior King Miller broke off a massive 50-yard run to put the Coyotes in the red zone. The Coyotes took advantage of this as Miller ended up punching in the touchdown for the Coyotes. The Agoura special teams then showed their own power as they sinked a 40-yard field goal to give the Chargers a 19-6 lead.

When it looked like the Coyotes had life on a good defensive stop, the punt hit off a Coyote and the Chargers recovered the ball in the red zone. Agoura capitalized on this mistake as Jake East scored a touchdown and put the game away, making the score 25-6.

“They got the momentum going early … we did not capitalize on certain opportunities, [Agoura was] the better team tonight,” said Calabasas Football Head Coach Cary Harris. 

Calabasas is now 3-3 and will play Crespi on the road on October 1.