Student-run lacrosse team perseveres without a coach


On October 7th, former Head Lacrosse Coach Morgan Weireter resigned to take a job as an assistant coach at Cal Poly. With a shortage in high school lacrosse coaches, Calabasas has yet to find a replacement. In the meantime, practices have been led by seniors Evan Caplan, Cade Miller, Nema Poursadeghi and Alex Lazarou to keep the team running. 

The team still has Athletic Director Jon Palarz to supervise, but the on-field activities are all up to the players to organize and lead. Lazarou speaks on the effects on the team without a main coaching figure, and how activities and conditioning can be more challenging. However, the students push themselves to work through it and are able to persevere.  

 “Most of the freshmen have never played before so we’re trying to get them to the level of the rest of us,” said Lazarou. 

Although there have been many implications practicing without a coach, senior Adam Roseman turns the situation into a positive learning lesson for the team. The team strives to learn leadership skills through this experience, as well as advancing as a team. 

“The situation really gives us the chance to step up as seniors and come together as one to bring the program together,” said Roseman.

The lacrosse team will continue to have student-run practices until they find a new coach. Palarz has reached out to numerous different sources in order to find the best replacement to take charge of the lacrosse program.